For almost two decades, my images broadcast on at least one television channel, every day.


I made my first imagery on a computer when I was 14, in the mid ’80s.
Rudimentary software on audio cassettes, a numeric keypad as a mouse: a challenge at the time, but it was already exciting.
Later, I attended the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux then Poitiers where I practiced visual arts, from the classical forms to video and computer art.
It was a great experience working with other people as a team, and developing a personal universe and a critical mind.


After a few years cutting my teeth as 3D artist but also cameraman, I moved to Bordeaux to spend about six years working mostly on projects for architecture but also corporate movies.
Since the late ’90s, I have been freelancing for creative studios and production or post-production companies , mostly in the film, videoclip and television area, between Bordeaux and Paris.
More recently, I have also participated in documentary films and developed some international collaborations.