Experimentation based on château d’Agassac photogrammetry (3D model reconstruction), in collaboration with Databird (shooting and photogrammetry) and La structure (music and sound design).

For this first photogrammetry-based project, I wanted the 3D to not replace the images of this remarkable building, shot from a drone. What I was interested in was to find a balance where the 3D would blend into the scenery, just like a chameleon will do. Designing a graphic layer overlaying the Château, using a technique close to video mapping came as an interesting option to me.

I wanted some reference to the past by using a graphic style commonly found on ancient illustrations and engravings but also on wine labels. But I wanted also an evocation of more recent events, like the very colorful scenography of the famous Fête de la Fleur, to give an interesting contrast to this short fantasy. All that nicely reinforced by a tailor-made music.

Une visite inattendue au château d'Agassac (photogrammétrie 3D)
Compositing showing the photogrammetry wireframe in 3D space resulting from tracking.